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Our expertise lies in delivering top-tier DevOps services, catering to companies of all scales.

In essence, we empower businesses to establish and maintain a robust, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance for their products. This commitment has propelled us to secure a coveted position as one of Clutch's leading DevOps providers in 2023.

Moreover, we are elated to share that GoodFirms recognized us as a distinguished company in Admin Services. Our reputation was further solidified by the esteemed American media outlet Tech Times, who included us among the top 5 DevOps service providers, sharing the spotlight with industry stalwarts like N-iX and IT Svit.


Our accomplished team boasts certified and adept DevOps engineers, managers, and architects who operate cohesively to meet your needs. With a workforce of 20 specialists, we function as a united front to tackle challenges effectively.

Our client satisfaction speaks volumes, as evidenced by an impressive 8.3 out of 10 rating in 2022. Notably, several clients have witnessed exponential growth, upwards of 1000%, attributed to the strategic solutions we've created for them.


10+ years of
expertise in DevOps


8.3 out of 10 customer satisfaction rate in 2023


Up to 1000% our client’s growth owing to the strategy we created

Why clients choose us


Full transparency
in processes




Offering comprehensive business solutions and support


100+ satisfied customers


Clear and simple communication


Officially AWS and Kubernetes certified specialists

Our mission andkey values

Our mission is to do what we are passionate about and what we can do best, being aware of the full responsibility for the result

The lowest possible level of bureaucracy

Awareness of trust

We work as one


Industries we work with

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Big Data

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Artificial Intelligence

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Our Awards

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Top Company for Admin Services

Award "Best Service Provider"

Top Company B2B Services

Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"

One of Top-5 DevOps Service providers

Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"

Top IT Services Companies

Media About Us

Quema becomes one of TOP-5 DevOps services providers in 2023

Interview of Quema’s CEO Serhii Antoniuk for Aspioneer

Quema has been recognized as the Most Client-Focused DevOps Service Provider 2023 - Baltics by the esteemed digital platform, Corporate Vision Magazine

Quema OU Reviews

"We're using Quema as an outsourcing DevOps provider and we have a pretty solid and good designed infrastructure due to constant hard work of Sergey. Quema are always friendly and open minded. They allow me to dream big and transform our dreams into products quickly. Very good knowledge of AWS, Jenkins, CI/CD processes, scalability, test coverage, metrics, reports, you-name-it."

7 months ago

Denis Levkov

CTO at bittax

"Great management, everything is always on time, and the most important is that the company treats its employees very well, which keeps people motivated and helps them to provide a great performance."

2 months ago

Rita Ilkiv

Head of HR & Recruiting, MyCointainer

"We have worked with Quema for almost a year to build out and stabilise our infrastructure. We started with only a production environment based on Kubernetes on GCP, to a fully integrated CI/CD infrastructure where everything is integrated and parameter based. Everything is monitored, alerts configured for important events and many errors in the infrastructure are automatically repaired. Quema brought focus on DevOps and infrastructure and were essential in guiding us to a solid and stable infrastructure that we can go to sleep in peace thinking about. If anything happens they are there to help."

8 months ago

Anders Lisdorf

CTO, Parkbird

"We worked with Quema for more than a year. In that time they helped us set up alerting and monitoring systems, migrate our production servers to use auto-scaling and provided on-call support when needed.Quema brought a lot of DevOps experience to the table. They were always available to provide guidance and support for our growing infrastructure needs. Overall we are very satisfied with the experience of working with them and would do so in the future."

8 months ago

Boris Raskin

CTO at Lingopie

"During our first conversation with Quema, it was clear we were in good hands. The team completely understood the scope of work and created a clear list of all the tasks to be performed. Once we started, we got everything we needed just on time in accordance with our schedule. With full visibility of the progress, we were able to get exactly what we needed. Honestly, they are the best!"

7 months ago

Dr. Lihi Raichelson

CEO & Co-founder at Belle AI

"We found these guys on a recommendation to a fast-growing startup and worked together for over half a year. In conditions of constant stress and confusion, Dmitry has proven himself excellent. He justified our hopes and brilliantly completed all the tasks. Special thanks to the management of Quema.co. The guys know their stuff very well. Keep it up. We recommend it to everyone."

8 months ago

Serhii Soroka

Partnership Manager at 8allocate

"They prepared the best AWS infrastructure for my budget."

February 17, 2023

Oleksii Marchuk

Founder, AB.GL

"Quema OU quickly figured out our issues and delivered accurate and professional solutions to our tactical problems."

October 17, 2022

Alon Bar

CTO, Blyp

"With full visibility of the progress, we were able to get exactly what we needed."

July 27, 2022

Dr. Lihi Raichelson

CEO, Belle AI

"We are cooperating with Quema OÜ for almost a year. We are fully satisfied with the provided services."

June 27, 2022

Marharyta Ilkiv

Head of HR & Recruiting, MyCointainer

"They are essentially now the back bone of our IT operations."

June 22, 2022

Anders Lisdorf

CTO, Parkbird

"They justify our hopes and brilliantly complete all the tasks."

April 5, 2022

Serhii Soroka

Partnership Manager, 8allocate OÜ

"I came with a need to transfer web server to AWS, without any test server or load balancer. So, I supposed it will be half a day downtime. But the team did theirs job better than I expected, prepared everything to do the final switch. As a result my visitors did not feel any uncomfortable situations"

December 27, 2022

Oleksii Marchuk

CEO at IConduct - Cloud Integration Platform

"Quema OU quickly figured out our issues and delivered accurate and professional solutions to our tactical problems."

October 17, 2022

Alon Bar

CTO, Blyp

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