What we can do

The main focus and domain for Quema is DevOps. Our engineers have many years of experience in DevOps and we are constantly developing to stay up-to-date within the industry as well. We have certified specialists who apply only the best DevOps practices to ensure that our customers always use modern cutting-edge approaches and improvements.

Cloud Migrations

Our Expert will assess and audit your existing infrastructure to examine the nuances of your current IT infrastructure. We are creating a customized design and strategy to implement your cloud migration followed by step-by-step plan implementation.

Cloud Infrastructure Design & Strategy

Our Expert Infrastructure Design & Strategy Engineers use proven design patterns to ensure we create an infrastructure that can easily be maintained, is scalable and secure to meet your company standards. We will design your infrastructure to be 100% codified & automated, making it less error-prone, more reliable, and stable.

Cloud Security Audit

We provide security audits for your IT Infrastructure to ensure that you can run your business securely. We also enable you to automate manual tasks so that you can shift your focus to developing and innovating your business.

Cost Optimization and Cost Management

Infrastructure optimization. We create a list of recommendations on how to build a reliable and flexible infrastructure at minimal costs. With an audit and cost optimization of your infrastructure, we could help you save an estimated 30%-40% of annual expenses.

Infrastructure As Code:

IaC is the process of configuring and managing the infrastructure through a descriptive model. It is all about treating your infrastructure configuration and provisioning in the same way you treat your application source code. The configuration modules are typically stored in version control systems in very well-documented code formats which provides greater accuracy, reduces errors, and increases speed and consistency.

Infrastructure As Code:

Continuous Integration (CI) is an industry-standard managerial/organizational practice in which developers merge code into a shared repository several times daily, thereby detecting problems early. A key component of agile development is practicing Continuous Integration which reduces your organization’s exposure to risk, as the system is predicated on addressing issues effectively and early in the development process. We ensure that everything built by the developers can be tested and deployed to production only when you are ready.

Continuous Monitoring and Alerting

Continuous Monitoring basically assists IT organizations, DevOps teams in particular, with procuring real-time data from public and hybrid environments. This is especially helpful with implementing and fortifying various security measures – incident response, threat assessment, computer and database forensics, as well as root cause analysis. It also helps provide general feedback on the overall health of the IT setup, including offsite networks and deployed software.

Integration of 3rd-party solutions

Our DevOps engineers integrate the latest open-source and third-party tools and services across the entire automated workflow. We will help you integrate your services with each other to ensure their seamless collaboration.

Kubernetes Consulting Services

The engineers at Quema find it crucial to have clearance of how a K8s cluster with many moving parts runs. Our Kubernetes Experts will review your K8s configuration to make sure you follow Kubernetes security and use the best configuration practices to guarantee your clusters are ready for production.

Dockerize application

Dockerizing is the process of packing, deploying, and running applications using Docker containers. Docker is an open-source tool that ships your application with all the necessary functionalities as one package. You can use Docker to pack your application with everything you need to run the application (such as libraries) and ship it as one package - a container. Containers are created from images that specify their precise contents. Dockerizing is a big hit nowadays and is becoming a standard for many companies.

Building microservices architecture

We have been building systems for many years and are constantly improving at it, since new technologies, architectural patterns, and better practices are continuously emerging. Microservices are those architectural patterns which have emerged from the world of domain-driven designs, continuous delivery, platform and infrastructure automation, scalable systems, polyglot programming and persistence. Our experts will help you build a microservice architecture for your application based on their extensive experience.

GitOps for the Kubernetes

GitOps is a process that leverages the Git developer toolset for operations and management of cloud-native applications. Git is the single source of truth when deploying applications to Kubernetes. When developers make changes to the application, Git automatically pushes them to Kubernetes for deployment. Further, if there are changes to the running state within Kubernetes that are inconsistent with the state within Git, they are reverted to the known state from within Git.