Quema OÜ CEO Serhii Antonuik Is Innovating to Build a Sustainable and Resilient Future

Quema OÜ CEO Serhii Antonuik Is Innovating to Build a Sustainable and Resilient Future

With cutting-edge technologies and innovative experts in IT services, Quema OÜ delivers top-notch services to clients. This article by GoodFirms highlights the inspiring story of the CEO of Quema OÜ - Serhii Antonuik

Incorporated in 2019, Quema OÜ focuses on delivering high-quality DevOps services. The team consists of certified and well-trained DevOps architects that strive hard to offer a turnkey solution and best practices that remove the challenging issues of the valued clients. 

Development and DevOps practices play a significant role in the software development world. The experienced and dedicated team of experts believes that the development and DevOps team is essential to build the product and IT infrastructure. Further, the team enables clients to have a scalable and secure IT infrastructure to implement processes flawlessly and execute products and services excellently.The organization offers comprehensive and innovative DevOps services for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Quema OÜ provides customer-oriented solutions with advanced technologies that enable it to gain a respectable position among the top devOps company in Estonia at GoodFirms. 

Team GoodFirms had the opportunity to discuss with the company’s CEO - Serhii Antonuik, and discuss his company’s services and the way he anticipates his company progressing. 

While introducing Quema OÜ and elucidating his role within the organization, Mr. Antonuik expressed that the company offers DevOps services to clients. The team of professionals enables other IT organizations to construct a scalable and secure IT infrastructure.

Success Story of Quema OÜ 

Mr. Antonuik recalls that the story behind Quema OÜ is quite typical, as he recollects that since his childhood, he didn’t have an entrepreneurial spirit or business skills. However, from an early age, he was involved in sports, which shaped his “thirst for the challenge” and an intense desire for constant growth and self-improvement. Consequently, he was determined to work his own way in many IT companies for nearly 12 years. In his career growth, he worked from startups to Fortune 100 companies and moved ahead in his career from “IT Support” to Lead of DevOps position.

Further, the CEO expressed that gradually he realized to move ahead and take on a new challenge of starting his own company. He wished to implement the ideas he gained from the IT industry and eventually met a business partner who shared the same values as Mr. Antonuik. Both of these individuals decided on the directions and began their journey to Quema.

Retaining Successful Work Culture

When enquired about the company’s business model, Mr. Antonuik declared that Quema follows an “in-house” model as the company has high requirements for candidates. Further, the organization has its own culture, which the team sticks to and follows. The ‘in-house” model allows employees to be part of it.

Standing Apart from the Crowd

On questioning the CEO about how Quema is different from the competition, he answered that implementing innovative DevOps and related practices is the company’s forte. Whereas for most of the other companies, DevOps is just a part of services they offer.

Serving Multiple Industries 

Team GoodFirms asked Mr. Antonuik about the industries they generally cater to. He clarified that the professionals believe in working with all the clients and do not have any specific reference to any industry type. The company believes everything must be legal and all activities must follow the law. Further, the most recurring area in Quema is Big Data, and the Data processing team holds immense experience and expertise. Clients frequently request scaling infrastructure and applications. Even cloud solutions and providers can be easily attainable nowadays.

Putting Customers First 

On enquiring about the customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Antonuik confirmed that the customer satisfaction level is always a high priority. Hence, the company puts a lot of effort into improving it. The team members form proper communication with the clients and use their sound knowledge, skills, and profound experience to help them reach their business goals. He declared that 50% of the clients recommend Quema as a reliable service provider, indicating their trust level. Moreover, the top priority of the company is to increase this stay consistent when it comes to improved customer satisfaction level.

Further, the CEO mentioned that to cater to clients’ queries and issues, the technical support team installed and configured a monitoring system to manage all critical services and components. The moment the team receives notification; they automatically create a ticket with the incident in the ITSM (IT Service Management) system. To fix the problem, the team created a separate ticket to analyze the incident and prevent it in the future.

Below-mentioned review highlights the abilities and qualities Quema holds when it comes to satisfying customers.

Implementing Client-Centric Pricing Models

While discussing the payment structure, Mr. Antonuik elucidated that the company offers two payment models – “Time of Material” and “Scope of Work”:

  • Scope of Work: The team collects all the requirements from the client, analyzes, and creates a proposal for SOW that includes a detailed description of what will be done and what kind of work is included in the SOW. All the details related to the result, timing, and delivery of SOW; the final price is discussed with the client in the SOW model. 
  • Time and Material: It is a flexible model and is apt for long-term work. 

Before the work begins, the team discusses all the details with the clients. The SOW model is preferable for single work with a fixed price and long-term work; the team suggests a ‘time and material’ model to the clients. Further, the CEO defined that the company considers the client's requirements because the requirements and their complexity shape the final cost. If the requirements are high, the company involves highly qualified and highly paid engineers for successful implementation. On the other side, in the case of standard requirements, the company provides the best implementation option to the customer.  Finally, the company is open to all small and large clients with different budgets and requirements. The team discusses all the aspects in detail and then decides what suits the best for both parties (the company and the clients).

The CEO elaborated that in 2021, the project based on SoW had a minimal budget of about $15,000, while the maximum value of the T&M model was about $100,000. This project is still active, and the team is working with the client. 

While concluding the interview, the CEO was asked where he sees his company in the next ten years; Mr. Antonuik pleasantly replied that he believes the IT industry and DevOps direction will develop and transform. The company will take the demands and complexity of the projects to a new level and continue to work in the best possible manner. He added that he has a goal that Quema should be a synonymous word for DevOps.

To explore more about Mr. Antonuik and his company Quema OÜ you can come across the entire interview published on GoodFirms’ site.

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